The theme of the February box was dream and it included:

- Daydreams / Nightdreams journal from Archer and Olive  ….. value $11

- Galaxite palm stone ….. value $13

- Peach quartz heart ….. value $6

- Sweet Dreams perfume ….. value $10

- New Moon in Pisces candle, scented with lilac and rose ….. value $12

The theme of this month’s box was dreams and dreaming, as not only is the New Moon in Pisces, but there are also a lot of other planetary alignments happening that give away to the perfect time to step back, retreat and allow yourself to dream. Dream up that new idea that’s been ruminating in the back of your mind for the past few months. Dream up that new house or car. Dream up the perfect career change for yourself.

One of the ways I love doing this kind of work is through visual dream boards. Every New Moon I create one of these, and if you don’t already, you can follow me on Instagram where I post my vision board each New Moon.





The included journal this month is absolutely perfect and I squealed when I found it for you! Not only does it have space for all your night time dreams, which is super important to do during a Pisces New Moon, but the journal flips to reveal space for your day dreams as well! So you have plenty of space to dream, dream away.

My Sweet Dreams perfume is literally the perfume I created for myself to get a better nights sleep. I have trouble with insomnia, especially around the Full Moon, and diffusing lavender just wasn’t cutting it. So Sweet Dreams was born. It’s a combination of lavender, nag champa, myrrh and bergamot that will instantly soothe and quiet your mind. Tip: not only does using something everything night like my Sweet Dreams perfume help you fall asleep though the properties of the essential oils, but it also helps train your brain overtime. The application of the perfume becomes a signal to your brain to wind down because you’re getting ready for bed. That’s why sleep professionals stress the important of a consistent bedtime routine - it really is key if you have trouble sleeping.

Don’t you just love your galaxite? This stone is so unique and mysterious, and not very common either! It’s actually mined in Virginia and is you may think it looks a lot like labradorite. That’s because galaxite is a micro-labradorite, meaning it has tiny flex of labradorite within it! So it’s a perfect stone for the New Moon (labradorite is the stone of the New Moon).

 Finally, the peach quartz heart was something I knew I just had to add when I first saw them. They have such a beautiful, gentle energy that can be so soothing during Pisces dream time. Also I thought the little hearts were perfect for February - think of them as a little Valentine’s love from me to you!

Again, if you don’t follow me on Instagram already, now’s a great time, because I’ll probably on there a lot the day of the New Moon (February 26) sharing insights and my rituals!

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