I talk a lot about the New Moon (blog posts both here and here) so I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to the other three main moon phases I follow (First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter) starting with the First Quarter Moon.

The First Quarter Moon is when the right hand side of the moon is illuminated, but the left hand side is dark. So the moon is ‘half full’. (note, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, this is opposite for you).

The First Quarter Moon is the first part of the big buildup to the Full Moon. The New Moon occurred about a week earlier, and you’ve been spending time each day meditation on your New Moon intention, goals and dreams. Once the First Quarter Moon rolls around, you’ll want to take that meditation and add to it with some action.

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This action can start either on the day of the First Quarter Moon is a day before, as the energy is building up. If you haven’t already, sit down and break apart your intention into action steps you can take to lead up to it. Write those steps down in your planner leading up to the day of the Full Moon.

Here are some examples of how that could look.

-If your intention is around friendships or relationships, perhaps add more social events into your calendar. Sign up for classes or volunteer, just get out there!

-For money or abundance intentions, take a look at your budget (or make one!) and set clear spending boundaries for yourself. This free class is great for insight on this.

-If you’re looking to enhance your health or fitness, sign up for group exercise classes and start planning out weekly (healthy) grocery shopping trips.


Here are some correspondences to the First Quarter Moon that you may find useful in your moon work:

-Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus

-Runes: Elhaz for luck, Jera for improvement, Uruz for strength

-Gemstones: carnelian, citrine, rutilated quartz, chrysocolla, jade, garnet, peridot

-Tarot card: Strength or the Star

-First Quarter candle 

-First Quarter perfume

-Waxing moon gemstone set


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