This month the New Moon is in Leo (yep, just like last month!) – on August 21 at 2:30 PM EST.

This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse! Solar eclipses bring about change and new beginnings, so we’ll be using that energy, along with the passionate Leo energy, to take some time to chart our path forward.

Heads up! You might have noticed the Nova Luna box is changing, and you’ll notice more changes over the coming months (all good changes!). Normally, the full ritual is included in the box, but this month when the ritual was all typed out, it was two pages long! So to save trees, and because I knew I wanted videos to be included, I decided to put the ritual online instead. But no worries if you prefer the printed version - it will be included in the future boxes.



This month’s box revolves around that theme and includes:

- Crystal grid cloth from Crystal Grids …….. $14

- Smudge bundle from Broad Street …….. $14

- Clear quartz tower …….. $6

- Set of four gemstones …….. $12

- New Moon in Leo candle …….. $12


This month’s box was designed to tap into that wonderful New Moon and Solar Eclipse Leo energy using a grid. An assortment of gemstones were chosen for these boxes, stones that corresponded to the passionate and creative sign of Leo, and stones that corresponded to the change and transformation aspect of the Solar Eclipse. My wish is that each of you got a set of stones that align beautiful with your intention for this month, as a bit of intuition was relied on for each box in the hopes that you received what you needed at the time.

Each box includes a clear quartz point, as well as four gemstones to make a simple grid. The gemstones differ for each box - you could have gotten any of the following:

Blue Chalcedony: communication,peace, inner knowledge

Carnelian: energy, passion, creativity

Citrine: mental stimulation, money, abundance

Mookaite Jasper: stability, intuition, fulfilling potential

Sunstone: luck, vitality, empowerment

Here are all the gemstones. From the center bottom going clockwise, the stones are: blue chalcedony, citrine, sunstone, carnelian, and mookaite jasper. The jasper may be yellow, like shown, red, or a combination.


Each cloth crystal grid from Crystal Grids were also intuitively chosen from an assortment of colors.

Each smudge bundle from Broad Street was lovingly handmade, no two bundles are alike! (and they’re oh so pretty!)

The August New Moon candles were crafted with a scent of rose, violet, honeysuckle, and jasmine. Each candle was topped with rose petals, sage, damiana, honeysuckle, onyx, and clear quartz. The garden smells of late summer in a candle! The damiana is related to passionflower, and has many of the same properties, it helps quiet the mind but also uplift the spirit. Onyx is a Leo stone, and is also a protection stone, perfect with all the powerful eclipse energy about (not to mention Mercury Retrograde, which began on August 12).


If you’ve never created a grid before, no worries! Below are written instructions for both smudging and gridding, as well as a video. A side note on the video: in true Mercury Retrograde fashion (it begins on August 12!) I didn’t notice that my head was cut off in the video, but it’s totally okay because you don’t need to see me anyway. ;)


Before creating your grid, be sure to clear your space with your smudge bundle.
Light the end of your bundle until it starts to smoke, and gently waft the smoke in the air. You can use your hand (this is my general method) or a feather, fan, or if you have one, a feather smudge fan. Let the smoke drift over the area you will be using, as well as yourself. Pass the smudge bundle over your head, down to your feet, and around your back, using whatever tool you prefer to move the smoke around.
Once you’ve smudged, it’s important to take a few minutes to ground and center, perhaps by visualizing roots growing into the Earth from your Root Chakra or tailbone. Visualize your roots growing deeper into the Earth, as your breathing slows and you let the worries of the day float away. What occurred earlier has passed, and what will happen later in the day can wait. Focus your attention on the here and now.
Feel free to light your candle now if you haven’t already done so. Set out your cloth grid, preferable in an area you can leave it for the next lunar cycle. Take your gemstones in your hand and start to think about your intention for this New Moon.
Hone in on an aspect of your gridding gemstones that corresponds with your intention this month, perhaps an intention for something you’d like to change or call in with this Solar Eclipse / Leo energy. It can be an aspect listed above with the different gemstones you may have received, or feel free to use other resources to look up deeper meanings of your gemstone ( is a good source).
Thinking of your intention, place your clear quartz tower in the center of your grid cloth, and place your four gemstones around it, however you see fit (there is no wrong way to place these stones in my opinion - do what feels right for you!). Take your pointer finger of your dominate hand and touch the top of your quartz. Now touch the top of one of your grid stones. Then the quartz. Then the next grid stone. Do this until you’re back at the beginning. You can repeat this as many times as you’d like, thinking of your intention with these stones the entire time. You can also say your intention out loud if you wish, perhaps saying it each time you touch one of the gemstones surrounding the quartz.
Feel free to make this grid your own! If you have other stones you’d like to incorporate that you feel fit well with you intention, feel free to add them! They don’t have to be all the same stone (watch the gridding video for an example).

Sit with your grid as long as you’d like - perhaps even adding on to your ritual with some meditation, or spending time creating a vision board for your New Moon intention (see my vision board from last month below for an example).

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