The theme of the April box was financial abundance and it included:

– Tumbled citrine ….. value $6

-Tumbled pyrite ….. value $8

– Nova Luna abundance check ….. value $6

- Abundance mist ….. value $12

- New Moon in Taurus candle, scented with hibiscus, vanilla & patchouli ….. value $12

Taurus is one of the two financial signs of the zodiac (Scorpio is the second), and with it being a Taurus New Moon, during Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and just a few days after Earth Day (where we celebrate all things green and growing) I through the theme of financial abundance would be perfect for this month.

Citrine and Pyrite are my two favorite abundance stones. Citrine helps bring joy and attracts abundance of all kinds. A useful Citrine tip is to tie your citrine up in a $1 bill with some green string, and then place it in your wallet, or your cash register if you own your own business. Pyrite helps with abundance by helping you feel good about YOURSELF! Pyrite helps to increase your self-confidence and worth, and by doing so helps you attract the abundance you seek.

The Abundance Mist is perfect for spraying in your sacred space to call in the energies of the Taurus New Moon. 

Below is an example of how you might fill out your abundance check. Remember, if you use a dry erase marker, you can easily wipe the check clean and re-use it!

Steps for filling out your check:

-Simply put your name into the ‘Pay To’ spot.

-The date can be the date you’re writing the check, a future date (if you have a feeling of when the money will come to you), or you can leave it blank.

-There are a couple of ways of doing the $ space. You can write in a specific amount, such as in the example below. Or write pay in full if you’re not comfortable entering in a specific number. On the line underneath your name, where you would write out a traditional dollar amount, you can write out the dollar amount if you entered in a specific number, or write pay in full if you wrote pay in full in the $ space.

-For the memo, I always like to write ‘thank you’ but you can also write something like your intention for that month.

-Sign the check however speaks to you.


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