Second up in my Moon Phase series, we’re taking a look at the Last Quarter phase (you can find the First Quarter phase here).

The Last Quarter Moon is when the left hand side of the moon is illuminated, but the right hand side is dark. So the moon is ‘half full’. (note, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, this is opposite for you).


The Last Quarter Moon is the first part of the buildup to the New Moon. The Full Moon just occurred about a week earlier, where you celebrated your accomplishments and took time to give thanks for all that have revealed itself after your New Moon intentions. You spent the time from the New to Full moon taking lots of actions towards your New Moon intention, doing your part to meet the Universe halfway to your goal, and now is when you start to slow down and rest. During (and after) the Last Quarter Moon, you’ll want to take time to reflect on what has come to pass, and release what is no longer serving you.

Now something to point out is the true lunar cycle is from New Moon to corresponding Full Moon…. meaning if you set an intention during the New Moon in Virgo, the completion of that cycle is six months later at the Full Moon in Virgo. So don’t be worried or upset if your intention isn’t ‘fully’ complete by the time the Full Moon rolls around 2 weeks later, wait until the Full Moon six months later in the same zodiac sign to get the full picture.

But now is a good time to release something if you already know it won’t work or it isn’t going to further your intention at all, or release something that has nothing to do with your New Moon intention, but it’s something you’re ready to let go of, like a bad habit.

You can also use this waning moon energy for more mundane things, like cutting your hair during the waning moon if you don’t want it grow back quickly (the same is true for pulling weeds!). You can even set a Waning Moon intention of sorts if you wish and carry out a ritual for letting something go.


Here are some correspondences to the Last Quarter Moon that you may find useful in your moon work:

-Animals: Bat, dolphin

-Herbs: Cypress, lavender, patchouli, sage

-Gemstones: Bronzite, rose quartz, sodalite

-Tarot card: Wheel of Fortune

-Last Quarter candle

-Last Quarter perfume

-Waxing moon gemstone set


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