Over the years I’ve talked to a lot of folks who find crystal gridding to be intimidating. Overwhelming, even. I thought I’d share what I’ve learned over the years to help de-mystify the practice a little and show you how I make grids when I don’t have the space or ability (think curious cat paws!) to keep a crystal grid up.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

I’ll break this one down even further in a later step, but for now let’s just stick with a traditional crystal grid. At the very least you need a crystal tower, and at least four gemstones. Personally, I don’t think you need four of the same gemstones, just as long as the four you’re working with are aligned with the intention of your grid. If you want to go with four matching, go for it! This is where crystal grids can be fun, playing around with the stones you use.

Below are some of my favorite stones to work with:

Creativity: Carnelian, labradorite, lapis lazuli

Love: Rose quartz, amethyst, sunstone

Abundance: Citrine, pyrite, arfvedsonite


Step 2: Setting Up Your Grid

If you’d like to use a surface with guides, such as a flower of life, for gridding, go for it! I love these crystal grid cloths, as they’re portable and fold away into small spaces, such as these from Crystal Grids. But this is by no means necessary. All you really need to do is have a flat space where you can put your quartz tower, and surrounded it with your chosen crystals. If you’re using a small selection of crystals, even something like a windowsill might suit your needs perfectly. A plus if it’s in the path of the moon where the crystals can be charged with moonlight.

Step 3: Variations

Grids can also be built vertically if you have a tower or shelf system that will let you do that. Here I’ve built a manifestation grid that even includes a Ganesha statue. You’ll also see that I don’t have a quartz point in all the centers, but just the bottom one. This is just a personal preference that I felt worked here.

Sometimes what can be forgotten when it comes to creating a crystal grid, is that it’s less about how you create the grid and more about the intention and feelings behind it Those intentions and feelings are what give the grid power. You are what give the grid power!

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Step 4: Taking the Grid Out of Gridding

I have four very curious cats, and so setting up a grid, especially one with many layers, usually won’t work. A fuzzy cat paw will come along sooner or later and start knocking stones down. Unless I have a case (like the pyramid one above in step 3) crystal grids don’t last much longer than a few days in my house.

My solution to this is to create crystal bowls. I still use the crystal quartz tower, and the same gemstones I would have chosen for a traditional grid. But instead of putting them out on a flat surface, I put them in a little bowl. Typically I place the quartz tower in the center, and just let the rest of the stones fall where they may around it.

This bowl of stones lives in my bedroom, with stones to help relax and deepen sleep.


Step 5: Turning On Your Crystal Grid

The last step when working with crystal grids is ‘turning on’ your grid. Simply put, you want to infuse your crystals with your intention for them. For a traditional grid, once you have you gemstones in their places, you’ll take your pointer finger of your dominate hand (or a quartz point or wand if you have one) and touch the top of your quartz. Now touch the top of one of your grid stones. Then the quartz. Then the next grid stone. Do this until you’re back at the beginning. You can repeat this as many times as you’d like, thinking of your intention with these stones the entire time. You can also say your intention out loud if you wish, perhaps saying it each time you touch one of the gemstones surrounding the quartz. I’ve demonstrated this in the video below for a more visual explanation.


If you’ve got your grid set up in a tower, like my manifestation grid from step 3, you’ll go through the same motions, but just work your way up. So for my manifestation grid, I started at the bottom, connecting those stones to the quartz point, once I touched them all, I moved to the second shelf, connecting those stones one by one to the quartz point on the bottom shelf. Finally I connected the Ganesha statue on the top shelf to the quartz point on the bottom shelf. I went through this a number of times before I felt finished.

For a bowl of stones, it can be a little bit harder to connect each stone one by one to your quartz point (and keep up with which stones you’ve touched!). If you’re able to still do it that way, go for it! If there’s too many stones, or you can’t get to each of the stones, I personally think it’s a-ok to just place your hand over the bowl and sit meditating on your intention for those stones.


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