So I had planned to write this post much sooner in the year, but you know, life. February is close enough to the beginning of the year, right? ;)

Flow - My 2016 Word of the Year


My 2016 word of the year was Flow, and it was all about learning to let go and go with the flow, to stop sweating the small stuff and to be more adaptable instead of my rigid ‘but we need to stick to the plan’ self. I’m still not perfect at it, but I feel like last year I made some great strides in being more flexible and allowing for change, and I know that will only get easier as time goes on.

Now for 2017, I had a harder time finding my word.

I really sat with it for a few weeks before a word just settled over me. At first, I was resistant to it because I felt it was similar to my 2016 word. But that word just wouldn’t let me go. So I finally chose my 2017 word of the year: Balance.

The more I journaled about Balance and talked about it with my friends, I started to realize that Balance was showing up for me in multiple ways. On the surface, I thought Balance for me was about work/life balance, something I’ve struggled with for years. I mean I self identify as a ‘creative workaholic’ so that tells you a lot about my natural work/life balance state. I really thought 2017 was going to be me finding my work/life balance.

And then 2017 happened.


Balance - My 2017 Word of the Year

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been having some health issues but it wasn’t until this year that I realized how serious things had gotten. My endometriosis is at a point where I have to live my life around my pain management, and that means some serious scaling back from work for me.

So what I thought was going to be a work/life balance, is now about personal balance. Health balance. Mental wellness balance. Am I checking into my body? Am I tending to my needs? Am I being proactive in my pain management? This means keeping an eye on how many hours I’ve been sitting at the jewelry bench, and knowing anything after two hours of sitting usually triggers pain. This means carving more time into my day for small bits of yoga or walking around the neighborhood to keep blood moving and helping muscles from tightening. This means taking as many hot baths that I need to soothe my body, and my mind, because water heals so much. This means reaching out to friends and family when I’ve had multiple days of 8+ pain and I feel like I’m at my wits end.

I’m still trying to find the ‘perfect’ balance and I probably always will be. I think that’s part of being in balance - realizing that the balance is always shifting and changing, adapting as it needs to. None of my days look the same anymore. Some days I work 8 hours, some 4 and some not at all. It’s all about checking in and seeing what my body needs that day, and deciding on what I’m capable of and willing to give my time to.

By the way, my beloved word of the year flags are from Roots and Feathers. They hang in my studio and they always make me smile when I walk in and see them. :)

Did you pick a word for 2017? What word or theme did you choose? I’d love to know!

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