One of my favorite folks to follow, Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity, wrote a blog post about her “17 Before 2017” - seventeen goals she wants to accomplish before the year’s end. I thought it was a great goal, and in the spirit of being more public and transparent with my goals and direction (both business and personal) I thought I’d post my goals here for a little more accountability.

  1. Move Studio Space & Re-Decorate

    This is definitely on the top of my list, and luckily it’s already in the planning stages. This year Bella deLuna Designs grew, and in addition I added a whole new sister company, Liber deStella, so I’ve quickly outgrown the little guest bedroom I was using as my studio. So I’m taking over one of largest room in the house, the dining room, and turning it into my studio.

  2. Redesign Candle Line



  3. I LOVE making candles. All of my scents are hand blended, and I love the practice of taking ingredients and putting them together to create something new. But I really want to re-vamp my line, so it’s a little sleeker and a little more affordable. In fact, all my jar candles are currently discounted to make room for the new designs! Once these are sold, they’ll be gone, so be sure to snag your favorites now.
  4. Lose That Extra Weight

    A few years ago, I went through some pretty major back-to-back knee surgeries, and since then I just haven’t been able to get back into a consistent exercise routine. That, plus some not great eating habits, have meant me slowly but surely gaining weight that I really don’t need. So I’m aiming to lose 15 lbs by year’s end. We’ll see how that plays out with the holidays. ;)

  5. Schedule Time Off (And Keep It!)

    I’m pretty bad at working during the evening. And on the weekends. And even during *gasp* vacation. So I really want to crack down on that and really cement in my mind that I don’t have to be working all the time. Logically I know I’ll get more done during my work hours if I’m taking care of myself and well-rested.

  6. Design A Monthly Full Moon Box


  7. This was an idea I had a number of weeks ago, and I’ve been sitting with it and trying to figure out what exactly this would look like and how it would work. It’s a box designed for the Full Moon of each month, designed to help you create sacred space and tap into the magic already inside of you. Of course it will have a candle, but I’m still debating what else should be in it. A gemstone? A gemstone set? Perfume? A suggested ritual? Should it be subscription based only? I’ve created a survey you can take to help craft the box into the tool you need.
  8. Find THE Bookcase

    Part of the reason I’m excited about moving my studio space, is that part of what was my studio will now become a library of sorts, and I’ll have space for a bookcase. !!!! Right now I don’t have a large bookcase anywhere in the house, just a bunch of small ones. And the floor. The floor is a bookcase, right? ;) Currently, I’ve got my eye on this beauty from World Market.

  9. Commit To Eating Healthier

    This is part of #3. Because of my knee surgeries, I have to be careful about what exercise I do. High impact is out. Way out. So I stick with slower, gentler movements, like yoga, pilates and walking. So part of losing weight will be to eat healthier. Routinely. My struggle with eating healthy is never food choices - I love healthy food. I’m just lazy and don’t like cooking (because why cook when I can be working, haha - that goes back to #4). So I’m hoping a little pre-planning each week will make that part of the goal a little easier.

  10. Get Outside More


  11. I’ll admit I went a little workaholic crazy this summer and didn’t get outside as much I would have liked. Now that Fall is rolling in (my favorite time of the year!) I’m making a commitment to getting outside everyday for a least ten minutes, and once a week for at least an hour. Starting small and working my way up to longer times spent in Mama Nature.
  12. Grow Bella deLuna Designs Email List

    One of my goals is to connect with folks more and learn what they’d like me to make - such as a candle for mercury retrograde, or a jewelry piece that features a mountain range. I’m hoping to do some of this through my newsletter where I get feedback on planned projects (#5!) and what my boho tribe is looking for in their life. Want to be a part of the conversation? You can join here!

  13. Write Two Blog Posts a Month

    This was a goal I had starting at the beginning of the summer. I started out well, but blog writing quickly fell to the wayside. I’m hoping to bring it back and dedicate more time to sharing the things I love and think about. You know, like the moon. ;)

  14. Get A Hair Cut

    This may seem silly, but I’ve been putting off getting my hair cut for months! I always find some excuse for why I don’t have the time. I don’t plan on doing anything too drastic, just a simple cut with layers. But lately I have been feeling the urge to add some color, so we’ll see where that goes. :)

  15. Read 25 More Books


  16. I’ve already hit my goal of 75 books read for this year, so I’m looking to be ambitious and add 25 more to that. I think my current TBR pile is more than that, so I have no worries there. ;)
  17. Declutter The House

    Has anyone else been feeling the urge to just get rid of all the clutter? I look around and see clothing I haven’t worn in years or little knickknacks I’ve picked up over the years that just sit gathering dust. Really feeling the need to just donate as much as I can and declutter before the holidays. Maybe this is just the Virgo in me, but I love a clean house.

  18. Go To A Yoga Class Once A Week

    I’ve been wanting to go to a yoga class forever now. I figured I might as well actually do it, as it will help hold me accountable with my fitness goals.

  19. Paint More


  20. I have a hangup around painting and I’m trying to work through that. My Mom was a painter and she passed away when I was in my early twenties, so there are painful memories painting always dredges up. I’m hoping to start to work through some of that.
  21. Write More

    I love to write and used to write all the time (mostly poetry). But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen more into the mindset of I have to be ‘working’ all the time and so creative projects that are just for me, like writing, have fallen to the wayside.

  22. Research Super Secret Project

    I have a super secret project I have been starting and stopping for about a year now. Right now I’m taking a class that will hopefully help me get a better handle on the project and really cement my steps forward so I can start to share it with you!


What about you, do you have a list of 17 (or even 3!) things you’d like to get done before year’s end? Share them with me in the comments!

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