It’s that time of year. Summer. When I think of summer I conjure up hot, muggy days, star filled night skies, fireflies, cool drinks and lots of lounging around reading. I’m really feeling into the slow down of summertime right now, and thinking fondly of years past of my childhood when the summer meant a completely different way of life, usually sleeping in and spending my days gathering rocks and wildflowers in the wilderness behind my house. I sat down and made of list of some of my favorite things that I did growing up that made the warm summer days oh so magical, and thought I’d share them with you, so here are my 10 ideas for a magical summer slow down.

-DIY crafts: I loved nothing more as a child than going to the local craft store and getting those DIY kits. Make your own friendship bracelets, stepping stones, paper flowers and candles (yep - that’s when I made my first candles).

-Make s’mores: Because who doesn’t love a warm, gooey s’more made over an outdoor fire?

-Road trip: A cooler of ice and drinks, handmade sandwiches and the open road make for a perfect day or weekend.

-Flower water: Once the garden flowers and herbs get going in the summer, I love to pick them in the morning to make some flower and herb water. Basil, rosemary, rose and lemon balm are all favorites.

-Star gazing: Not only is star gazing so much fun during the warm summer nights, but also spotting things like planets and meteors.

-Make ice cream: Homemade ice cream is just the thing to hit the spot on those hot, humid days we get here in North Carolina. Cookie dough is a favorite.

-Write: I always get the urge to write during the summer slow down and almost always participate in Camp NaNoWriMo.

-Outdoor movie: We have a few local museums and parks that hold outdoor movies in the summer, and they’re so fun to go to!

-Lemonade: I have a weakness for sweet tea, and tend to make it year round. But lemonade is something that’s reserved just for the summer, and it’s so wonderful to make with fresh lemons from the farmers market.

-Flowers in ice cubes: Because some purple violets in ice cubes would be so perfect to go with that lemonade!

I’m hoping to update this list with actual photos from when I accomplished these items during the summer, so stay tuned!

If some of these items spark joy in you, that’s great! Then you have some ideas of you own. But if you have other ideas of fun summer things to do, I’d love to hear them!


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