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My Favorite Tools for Self-Care

My Favorite Tools for Self-Care Let me tell you, I have been doing a lot of self-care the past few weeks! As we gear up into the holiday season (it will be here before we know it!) it's important to make sure our self-care routines are in tip top shape, because we all...

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October Moon Forecast

October 2017 Moon Forecast This month we're starting the turn towards fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and the shorter and darker days are just around the corner. We're now wrapping up the bounty of summer, and getting ready for the long slow down of winter. What...

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A Deeper Look Into The Last Quarter Moon Phase

Second up in my Moon Phase series, we're taking a look at the Last Quarter phase (you can find the First Quarter phase here). The Last Quarter Moon is when the left hand side of the moon is illuminated, but the right hand side is dark. So the...

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