Fairy Dust Necklaces

Perhaps I’ve seen Frozen one too many times and I’ve got Disney and fairies on the brain, but either way, I’ve been dreaming of these necklaces for weeks now and I’m so glad I finally get to share them with you – my Fairy Dust Necklaces! With beautiful names such as Luna, Rosetta, Silvermist and Iridessa, these Fairy Dust Necklaces are sure to be your next favorite accessory.

These whimsical necklace make a beautiful gift for that little one in your life, or for someone who simply still believes, no matter the age. This necklace features a glass vial filled with shimmering fairy dust (glitter) and sealed with a cork and glue, so it’s secure. The vial is labeled with an antique paper that says ‘Fairy Dust’ and is hung from sturdy, high quality 18″ long gold tone chain with a lobster clasp. All the necklaces come with free gift boxing. :)

Each necklace has a different color of ‘fairy dust’ and some of them have unique accents, such as a blue faceted gem or a pale yellow moon crystal. Check out all the necklaces below (you can click on the photos to visit each Fairy Dust necklace directly in my shop).













  Aren’t they pretty? I’m so in love with them! Which one is your favorite? If you’d like a Fairy Dust necklace in a specific color or with a specific charm, just let me know and I’d be happy to create one just for you! As always, you can visit my shop for all my latest jewelry creations.


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